Your Session

Kinesiology – YOUR SESSION

The session will start, whether you are new to Kinesiology or a returning client, with a chat about how you feel and your lifestyle, stress level, eating habits etc. You do not have to answer or talk about anything you are uncomfortable with at the time, but as much information as possible is always helpful.

You will lie on the table fully clothed. What will follow is a series of muscle energy tests around the body. These do not hurt and are carried out with no other tools other than my hands. I will test you against specialised nutrition, food sensitivities and stressors and other stimuli.

Your first session will last up to 90 minutes and follow-up appointments are around 60 minutes.

How many treatments?

On average, three – four visits are required but this is dependent on the severity of the symptoms. It is then recommended to have routine consultations two to three times a year.

Fees and packages

90 minutes initial consultation and treatment GBP 85

60 minutes follow-up treatment GBP 70

Package including initial consultation and 3 follow-up sessions GBP 265 – save GBP 30

Buy 3 follow-up treatments GBP 190 – save GBP 20


Children (under 16yrs) First consultation and treatment *(90 minutes) GBP 70.00

Follow-up treatments*(60 minutes) GBP 60.00

“Please note that the cost of any required supplements – products is will be charged extra”