Develop Your Intuition


Intuition is the part of us that goes beyond the rational mind, tapping into our innate knowledge and seemingly offering us answers.


Our intuition will provide solutions and guidance to situations without us consciously having an input. When we are in tune with our intuition, we can receive flashes of insight and quantum leaps of creativity that go beyond our logical, linear mind. Many erroneously call this gut feelings or others refer to it as coincidence. Intuition is not based on religious beliefs; it is our true spiritual nature and being.

Awakening the ability to use our intuition allows us to connect to the mind of the universe, giving us access to infinite possibilities. Intuition is not a special gift for a select few. We all have intuitive abilities that we can cultivate and use to manifest our desires and fulfil our destiny, as well as helping others to find their true self. It is a form of disempowerment to deny ourselves from being who we truly are.

My role as a mentor is helping my clients regain their true power using my acquired knowledge and experience as a Kinesiology Practitioner, Geomancer and Dowser along with using various modalities of energy healing to rebalance and harmonise body-mind-spirit. I connect with my Spirit Guides to access the client’s Spiritual Team, which ensures a seamless experience in achieving vibrant health and vitality.

Your session

Regardless of if you are advanced in this field or relatively new to this type of work, I will check whether any adjustments and/or corrections, physical, electrical or attachments, are needed for the benefit of the person before starting the session.

The session is led in the highest interest of the person and guided by the client’s spirit guides and/or the collective self.

I will help raise the client’s body frequencies, which is necessary to be able to clearly use your intuition on a higher level and give you the instruments to a “2-way communication” with your spirit guides and collective self, ensuring that clarity and coherence is at the core of conversing with your guides and higher self. Whether you wish to become more intuitive for personal interest, or, you wish to integrate it in your practise to support your clients or build another practise altogether is your choice.