Trusting your intuition.

Your intuition is a powerful thing. It is more than just a “gut feeling” or a passing thought. It is a part of who we are. It is that gentle push we feel to take a certain path, it’s that pit in our stomach that warns us when something off and that subtle nod of confidence that lets us know we are making the right decisions.

Your intuition is very real and very important, unfortunately over time society has conditioned us to not listen to this inner voice. So many of us aren’t tapping into our intuition and using it in the way that we should. If you know how to harness the power of your own intuition, you can actually use it to become more magnetic and to draw more positive people, situations and opportunities into your life.

Just like a magnet, it will be impossible for these positive things to resist your pull. However, you can’t just force these things to come your way, you need to work on yourself first and to become the most powerful “magnet” you can be.

So what is intuition?

Before you work on becoming more magnetic, you need to really understand what intuition means and how it works. Simply put, your intuition is your inner guide and it’s this guide that you need to accept and listen to.

Recent studies show that using your intuition is more likely to improve your decision making by about 10%. Think about the thousands of decisions you make on a daily basis, now think about 10% of those decisions improving just if you follow a little voice that is already talking to you all day long.

Most intuition is so subtle that we only think about it in hindsight. Your goal should be to learn how to listen to your intuition, to trust it and to use it in the moment. You need to get out of your head and listen to your gut, your body and what your senses are telling you in order to really be following your intuition.

How To Tell If You Are Intuitive?

There are many people who claim to be intuitive, but what does that really mean and how do you determine if you are an intuitive individual? You can start this process by diagnosing yourself as one of two types of people: either a 5th sensory or a 6th sensory person.

A 5th sensory human will look at the world through their ego brain. They live in a sense of fear and are worried about pleasing the people around them. Someone who is 5th sensory views the world as everything being you vs. me. They second guess themselves. They are not their authentic selves and they often feel isolated and disconnected. So many people today live 5th sensory lives.

This is not the way you want to live.

6th sensory humans, on the other hand, have activated their intuition. They understand themselves more and understand that they are more than an ego. They have opened up an entirely new world of awareness and creativity. Most importantly, they are more connected to others and to the world around them both physically and spiritually.

These are the people that are highly intuitive. They understand that their authentic self is their spirit.

This is the way you want to be.

Your goal should be to become a 6th sensory person so that you can become more intuitive. If you do this, you will find yourself enjoying perks such as:

More creativity
More productivity
Better intuitive healing capabilities
Less fear and stress
Your focus changing from problems to solutions
A lightened heart
Better synchronicity or flow
Most importantly, your vibrations will rise and you will start to become more magnetic.

Working with an intuitive mentor.

I offer intuitive advice and guidance on life direction and purpose, helping people to live a more fulfilled and happy life following their true path of purpose. So many of us get caught up in careers or relationships that we don’t want but feel we need, fearful of not getting anything better. We will work together to help you to release these fears, get clear about your purpose and live the life you have always wanted and deserve.

Using a combination of intuitive guidance, energy work, meditation and practical exercises, I bring a holistic approach to mentoring, providing results that work!

If you’re drawn to work with me, get in touch to book an intuitive mentoring session or to chat about your situation to find out if this service is for you. I offer one to one sessions and will shortly be running group sessions for those that are interested.

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