A Case Study on Geomancy


Geomancy is something that not many people have heard of yet when performed correctly can yield such incredible benefits to your physical and mental health. The purpose of this blog is to guide you through the journey that one of my clients recently embarked upon and how Geomancy could change your life like it did hers.

What is Geomancy.

First, a very quick introduction into what Geomancy is. Geomancy is a form of divination; it studies how disrupted Earth’s energy lines affect people’s physical and mental health, as well as the natural kingdom. Geomancy includes 2 main parts: –

Dowsing of underground and surface energy meridians and the implementation of earth acupuncture to resolve geopathic stress.

Design and placement within the visible world and the design of human environments according to common sense as well as subtle methods.

Case Study

I had been mentoring a client on how to communicate with her guides when I receive a message from the Source (as the energy that connects us all) that said until she resolved the problem within her home, her communication with them wouldn’t improve. My client was aware of the problem however hadn’t been able so far to resolve it.

They had been living in their home for almost five years and had experienced numerous and emotional health issues. Their neighbours were also aggressive to everyone, there was shouting and anger which made for an extremely uncomfortable experience.

As they lived locally to me, I went to visit the property and something felt immediately uneasy. Intuitively I scanned the house for what it might have been and found an energy that I did not know or recognise. After some work I established that the negative energy was residual from some black magic that had been performed there before they bought the family home. On top of this there were also other types of energy at play there were directly affecting the family members including a “dirty” (a ley line that had been in one way or the other intoxicated) ley line that cut directly through their house.

Once I had identified the problems, I could start the process of cleansing the negative energies from their home. I connected with my spirit guides to ask them for their guidance, interestingly they told asked me to cleanse the neighbours home as well, this was done remotely so there was no for them to be involved in the cleansing.
My approach to clearing had me engage my dimensional guides, my source and the elementals. Interestingly the Elementals asked me for an offering which was to place four crystals on the points of the compass in the garden to complete the cleansing.

I checked back in with the family a few months after everything had been cleared and the changes have been incredible. After years of disturbing energies and emotional struggles everything in the house is in harmony and they are doing well. The neighbours that caused so many issues have transformed from constant shouting to listening to classical music, there was even a tree in the garden that was suggested should be cut down that is now flourishing.

It was my absolute pleasure to help this family create balance within their home and I would love to help you do the same. If you would like to find out more about Geomancy and how it can help you in reducing stress and building resilience, increasing peace and harmony in your relationships, your home and productivity and morale for employees as well as business owners contact me today.


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