The strain of geopathic stress on relationships


2020 will be the year that will collectively be remembered as the year that everything we knew was challenged. Many personal relationships seem to be paying the price.

According to many UK newspapers the number of divorce filings are soaring, and they seem to be linked to Covid_19 and the stress put on couples and families while forcibly being locked indoors. Through reading reports and listening to radio programmes, I cannot stop thinking about how much suffering is happening and the implications this has in such circumstances.

As a Geomancer, I am very aware of the importance of the energy flow in the house. Emotions such as a fear, stress, financial worries, and health, along with a virus pandemic can affect these energies, as well as, create distortion that will affect our well-being and relationships.

I remember a time where I was convinced that my marriage was on the line. I could not recognise my husband; he was even more introvert than usual, I felt he was distant and although he was assuring me that nothing was wrong, I knew that something was not right.  I was conscious that we had come out of the other side of a very traumatic year but, while I was moving forward, I felt we were both going in different directions. Out of desperation, I asked a friend to cleanse my home. It was something I had not done before but, I was at the point where I did not know what else I could do.

I remember my friend coming with his dowsing rods and going around the house. At that point, I had only shared my fears with one friend; my husband is very reserved, and I did not want to hurt him more. My friend did not pick up anything in particular during the house cleansing except some pockets of stagnant energy, probably left from my Kinesiology clients. I remember him placing a picture with some universal symbols above our desks. I was drawn to the fact that he picked up this spot to hang a picture and a few days after I realised the 2 desks, facing each other were creating a line that cut our bed in two in the room next door.

With this realisation, I also noticed that there had been a shift, yet I dreaded mentioning it in case the day after it would go back to how things were previously. The changes seemed to stay and few days after I took the courage to ask my husband if he had felt any changes since the cleansing; the answer was yes!

I will never forget the weeks and months to follow, everything was back to how we were before and even better. I made the decision to train as a Geomancer and the following summer my husband and I both went for a wonderful week in the forest of Ashdown to embrace Geomancy. Please read my blog on that experience.

While I am not claiming to believe that cleansing a property is the solution to save marriages, saving a marriage would need some involvement from both parties and there are qualified professionals who are able to help with this, but, cleansing a property may be a way to help ease up stress and create greater harmony within the home and might lead to a more open conversation. Geopathic stress is real and has many implications.

The word geopathic is derived from the Greek words, Geo meaning the Earth, and pathos meaning disease or suffering, so literally suffering of the Earth. The term geopathic stress is used to describe negative energies, also known as harmful earth rays, which emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above. Earth energies can be bad, good, or neutral.

The  causes for Geopathic stress are various and you can read it on this blog on my webpage However, some of the emotional symptoms and signs of potential Geopathic stressed environments are: “Behavioural problems, physical, sexual or verbal abuse of children and spouse, road rage, location-specific aggression, stressed relationships, divorce and bad neighbour syndrome”

If there is anything in this blog that may resonate with you, if you’re feeling like you don’t know where your marriage is going and/or you don’t understand the changes in your partner’s behaviour – or in your own behaviour, if you’re experiencing a great sense of loneliness and confusion, or feeling unhappy and disempowered, if you feel that you and your partner can no longer communicate, you may think you’ve tried everything but you haven’t.

There is something else to try, though it might sound very odd and “woo-woo” to you. Through something as simple as changing the position of your furniture, or a picture on your wall, you can start changing the energy flow in your home. A house cleansing can look at how the energy flows within your home, redirecting and correcting those imbalances that are affecting your living circumstances. I can check for geopathic stress and pick up stress in the land that affects your house along with clearing those stuck and stagnant energies.

I have not saved marriages with house cleansing but, I have made some differences in quite a few circumstances. A kinesiology client asked me to cleanse the family property. Some parts of the house were not used, such as the conservatory. It felt cold and that reflected to the living room as well. The garage was a no way zone. I carried out the adjustment and within a week the family was enjoying the space and found themselves talking for hours and on subjects that they would not normally discuss.

Another client of mine was working from her living room with clients suffering from mental health. Her absolute dream was to write a book and interestingly, she was not using the studio in the house. In the cleansing I done, it was the only room that was not showing to have geopathic stress. Again, I carried out the required adjustments and that same night she texted to say that the energies were completely different. The week after she happily started using the studio.

While reading the horrendous statistics with regards to relationship breakdowns, my heart aches. If you have not heard of geomancy, and the earth energies that can affect your home and consequently the relationships of those living in your home, I understand this may all sound very strange – my question is what do you have to lose?

I would welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you. You can check my reference as a Geomancer and Professional Dowser on the “British Society of Dowsers”, where I also cover the role of Trustee.

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