My Evolving Practice

When I began my Kinesiology journey in 2014, I never would have consciously expected it to take me to where I am today. There is still so much that I wish to achieve, although for this blog I will be sharing my experiences of the past five years.

I joined a Foundation Kinesiology course after it was suggested to me and did not really know what to expect. I was always learning new skills, and this seemed to be another adventure and nothing more. The transition from City Girl, with a structured set of skills, to Holistic Therapist required not only the “technical” skills to be studied and understood, but also an incredible amount of personal healing.
As I embarked on this amazing journey, having witnessed my own physical transformation, I had the arrogance to believe it was easy; it can change people I kept telling myself, but Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “be the CHANGE you want to see in the world” always floated into my conscious mind.

For the first three years of my studies and practice, my attention was focused mainly on memorising the neurovascular points, the meridian beginnings and ends, anatomical points, nutritional advice and more, primarily on a physical level. Yet underlying was the realisation that my own personal fears were preventing me from seeing the bigger picture: MindBodySpirit (see/read as one word). MindBodySpirit is one, inextricably interconnected.

It was my Geomancy training in 2018 that created the shift needed and I finally connected the dots. I remember sitting around the campfire on the final night and realising that this experience had changed me and my practise to a level that I was still unable to fully comprehend. That week in Geomancy training gave my soul and higher self a voice; it is what we generally call intuition. Intuition for me is simply who I am; a Spiritual Being. It took months before I was able to fully embody this new awareness into my practice and make it mine.

During this period, I also qualified as a Kinesiology teacher and throughout those months my spiritual essence became stronger and clearer; empowering me by the day to connect with myself on a deeper level of self-discovery and healing. This was the required work as I confronted deeply buried and often painful, past hurts and wounds.

I can say that my Kinesiology and Geomancy practices are very interlinked. They are rooted in the certainty that we are all eternal beings, interconnected through time and space. Therefore, working on a purely physical level does not resonate with me. Our physical pain, injuries and discomfort are partially the manifestation of our whole being.

2019 has been an extraordinary year and the manifestation of what I have experienced, pain and joy, laughter and tears, are still in the making with universal support. Some of the pain and disappointments are trying to clear away in order to make space for new experiences and forgiveness. I will get there I know, as my greatest gift is being able to see beyond the hurt. And it is that knowing that I have embraced this year and embodied into my practice at Equilibrium Vitae. Holding sacred space for my clients with even more love and compassion, allowing and supporting them to journey at the speed their MindBodySpirit allows.

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