Since my first day of Kinesiology training 5 years ago, emotions have been very much at centre stage of our training and never than before it is presenting itself as mostly root causes of various ailments in my clinic.

Emotions in the form of negative thoughts, traumas physical as well as emotional will eventually manifest at physical level. Only recently reading an article on the “the power of thoughts” by Tony Mills in the Dowsing Today, I have the word to describe it in a way that it can be better understood – negative emotions, traumas if left unhealed they will Crystallise in the body and cause pain and discomfort. Our emotions and experiences are essentially energy and they can be stored in the cellular memory of our bodies.

The body is very clear when it comes to pain. Our experiences manifest directly in our bodies and when we experience emotional stress, our body shows us exactly what the problem is.

For example:

Negativity suppresses the immune system a strong mental attitude does the opposite. For a strong immune system the mental attitude is essential

Muscle pain can represent a challenging ability to move in our lives. Are you flexible with your experiences at work, home or within yourself? Go with the flow…

Stomach pain can happen when you haven’t digested, figuratively, something negative. The feeling of not being respected by others can cause a sensation in the stomach.

Pain in the joints may indicate the inability to be flexible. Be open to new ways of thinking, new lessons and life experiences

The same applies to our homes, lands and place of work. Home is where we spend lots of our time if they are overloaded with dense energies, unhappy memories, financial worries, cluttered or poorly developed homes they can all block the Qi flow leaving us in a state of void not understanding why you cannot move on with life and potentially create serious health problems. This is what in Geomancy we call Geophatic stress.

It is now a recognised fact that stress is a major factor that affects health. The stress created within our bodies by geophathic disturbances can contribute considerably to health issues. Due to the insidious nature of these disturbances, it can easily be overlooked as being a fundamental contributor to illness or as an underlying cause when there is resistance to recovery from illness.

Instead of labelling with perception the concepts of negative and positive as it relates to each experience you have in your life, try to see things from a  big picture standpoint. Ask yourself, how can this help me to see or learn something?

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