Your empowerment is my mission

When I founded Equilibrium Vitae, my main objective was for individuals to find empowerment. “Your empowerment is my mission”.

How many of us have experienced disempowerment from a family member, a friend, a teacher or even a health professional by dismissing something that we have said or believed in terms of alternative thinking? I myself have first-hand experience of feeling disempowered by doctors that saved my life, by attempting to desist my knowledge of alternative medicine.

This article does not carry any negative feelings towards health professionals, of course. There’s no anger, resentment or blame. I have found that my work even complements the work of GPs and medical consultants, for the simple reason that not everyone can and/or wants to have only alternative medicine. But the purpose of this article is to encourage you to take control of your health and life by asking questions, being open minded about the opinions of others and opening your hearts to the knowledge that you were born with. This is my story.

Eleven years ago, almost to the day, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41, during a sabbatical in Italy, with no knowledge of alternative medicine. Homeopathy was all that I had heard about and, unsurprisingly, I accepted that radiotherapy and hormone replacement therapy were the only treatments to save my life, without any shadow of a doubt. It was something I didn’t question until my health started to rapidly decline after the operation, radiotherapy and HRT. I was physically and emotionally drained, depressed and suffered from a constant debilitating back pain. I was on autopilot mode for more than two years until I met Michael.

Michael helped to rebuild my health and in many ways my life. He introduced me to the world of energy healing and, within two months, my back pain had disappeared and my lust for life had resurfaced. My body, mind and spirit were getting stronger by the day and, the stronger I was becoming physically in my body, the more inquisitive my mind became. These ‘life saving’ treatments and medication were actually killing me.

Naturally, I started to ask myself why doctors would not share ancient healings to try and support my personal journey of fear, depression and strength – after all, Chinese medicine is over 5,000 years old and still performed globally to this day, Natives used to use their knowledge of plants for healing and the Shamans were the first known doctors who were healing with ancient rituals. When did our society stop believing in these very practices and dismiss them as fakery, which they don’t work? It was after years of reflection, learning and discovering that I decided to embrace energy and plants medicine as a major source of healing.

Would I tell you to stop seeking the advice of your GP and other medical professionals? No I would not, science still saved my life. But, do I believe that this is the only answer to our ever growing sick society? No, I don’t.

What I do believe is that the time is now for doctors and alternative practitioners to start working together. It is time to help clients and patients to empower themselves. Both sides need to find a way to communicate, because it is our health that is at stake.

It is difficult to accept what you do not understand, what you don’t see or touch, what you have not experienced first-hand – yet. I have been there and it is not easy. But you cannot argue with results. I, myself, was on the receiving end of a powerful medication and have experienced the side effects of these medications, alongside the power of my healing journey – and I cannot deny the results that my clients have been experiencing with Kinesiology and Geomancy (you can find out more from the testimonials on my home page).

So today, I hope I have empowered you, Dear Reader, to take control of your health and life. Be open to other practises. Take responsibility for your journey because medications can only fix part of the problem. The real healing begins from personal decision to enquiry. Keep asking questions. Talk to alternative practitioners. Seek other views and formulate your own opinions and ideas. But mostly, listen to

you soul; the answers lie within your heart and there are experts out there to guide and help you along the way – whatever your choice.

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