Could it be mercury?

From the start of my journey in Kinesiology back in 2010, I have seen my body, energies, mental strength and attitude going through major transformations. One of the major breakthrough was when, having a Kinesiology balance, my body showed the presence of heavy metal toxicity in the form of mercury.

I should perhaps have guessed something was unbalanced because for years, eating tuna and tomatoes at the same time always left an after taste of metal in my mouth, which in the end put me off tomatoes almost completely.

I also found concentrating and retaining information a constant struggle. Although my memory improved a lot by using various techniques, I sensed there was something not right but again failed to make a connection.

During one of my personal balances, I mentioned to my Kinesiologist that unpleasant aftertaste without realising what was about to come; the level of mercury in my body seemed to be too high.

Heavy metals are purposely added to products, for example, aluminum is added in antiperspirant deodorants. The main sources of mercury are to be found in vaccinations, dental filling, some seafood and polluted water. They are present in small amounts but, over time, can accumulate to excessive amounts and contribute to physical and mental symptoms. Symptoms can vary from pain in muscle and joints, brain fog, inability to concentrate and distraction, it can also lead to infertility.

I was given the appropriate detox supplements and noticed minor improvements since the start of the program as at the time, I was preparing for an exam and as usual was struggling in concentrating and information retention. Luckily, in 4 weeks I was mercury free and concentration and info retention had improved 10 folds.

Being able, after years, to enjoy food again and to study without getting frustrated so easily was a major step forward and I now have included in my protocol, with most clients, a toxicity test.

However, even though I managed to reduce mercury toxicity in such short period, this is not always the case. Sometimes it may take longer, depending on various factors for examples how long the problems has been there and even lifestyle.

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